GPS Unit Report

GPS Unit Reports provide on screen information on the activity history of GPS units.

GPS Unit Reports are particularly useful for doing a stock take of you GPS hardware as they show:

  • The GPS Unit ID number
  • The date and Job on which the unit was last used
  • And the staff member who last used the unit.

Generating GPS Unit Reports

Select Reports from the navigation bar.

report nV BAR

Click on the GPS Units Report tab and Click GPS Unit Summary Report

select gps report

Select a date range or tick Show All to view the complete history of all your GPS units.


You can view the Job Page of the last job undertaken by a GPS unit by clicking on the name of the Job.


You can also access hardware details and the complete history of a unit by clicking on the Unit ID number.

This will display:

  • The GPS unit make and model (if available)
  • Device settings
  • The date the unit was last used on the MMP Link software
  • Device status (Active or Dormant)
  • Full history of users, jobs and activity of the unit.