Creating Jobs

The Job Wizard allows you to create work projects in a number of easy steps.

Jobs allow you to link GPS track information to maps and work KPI’s and share them with Clients.

Step One – Give the Job a name and a scheduled date

Click on Create Job in the navigation bar to start the Job Wizard

create job nav bar

Enter a name for the Job


Select (Do Not Apply Favourite) to create a new Job or select a Favourite from the drop down list. (What’s a Favourite?)


Select a start and finish date


Click Next


Step Two – Add Client and Stock information

Click Add Item to add a Client and Stock item

Client booking - add item

Select a Client, Contact and Stock type from the drop down menus
Include a description of the stock
The number of items to be delivered
And any special delivery instructions


Add multiple items by clicking on the Add Item button and repeating this process.


Client and stock details can be edited by clicking on the information in the columns


Click Next


Step Three -  Add Distributors (Optional)

Distributors are listed in alphabetical order or you can search for a Distributor by using the text box at the top of the table.


Select one or more distributors from the list by clicking on them.


To remove Distributors from the selected list simply click on them.


Click Next


Step Four - Add Delivery Locations (Optional)

The next step is to add one or more Delivery Locations.

Type in the at least two characters of the suburb or Postcode into the text box to display a selection of Delivery Locations


You can also use advanced search filters to refine you search by clicking on the  icon with the green arrow


Select one or more Delivery Locations by clicking on them.


Click on selected Delivery Locations to delete them.


Click Next


Step Five – Create Job Map

The next step is to create a map of the delivery area. The map will be used to show Distributors where they should deliver and to overlay GPS tracks for checking when the job is complete. (Need more info on drawing Job Maps?).

There are three options when creating Job Maps:

1 – Draw a custom (hand drawn) map using the map drawing tools.


2 – Load maps from previous jobs. This enables you to use a map from a previous job like a template.


3 – Select Postcode Areas to map a Postcode Boundary.


Step Six – Review

The last step is to review the job details and make sure they are correct.

If any of the details need to be changed, click previous to return to the screen that needs to be changed.


If all the job details are correct then click Save