Work Less and Charge More by Managing Your Delivery Jobs the Right Way

It is possible for goods-delivery-firms to charge more for less work, and hence achieve and maintain a competitive edge for their business in the market. And it is legal, increases the efficiency of the work force, and gives a boost to overall productivity. The solution lies in a sound combination of right management techniques and… Read more »

How Passive GPS Tracking Works

What is GPS tracking? What is the difference between real-time tracking and passive tracking? The are some of the common questions you may have when discovering the game-changer for field-based business that is passive GPS tracking. GPS stands for Global Positioning System and is a system of satellites in space maintained by the US Government… Read more »

Three keys to improving profitability in your field business

Profitability comes down to a one important ratio – money in versus money out. If you’re running a business involving workers in the field – whether it be delivery, security, sales representatives, dog walking or door-to-door surveys, you need to minimise costs and maximise outputs so you can maximise income and therefore profits. 1.     Get… Read more »

Some Lessons for Delivery Businesses – the Fate of

The story of iDeliver sheds light on the need of technological re-invention of best delivery practices, customer support, and care in the face of businesses expansion. This post seeks to make a case for iDeliver as a contemporary business model for delivery businesses. Executive Summary Commemorating the almost total relaunch of the firm, after its… Read more »

Passive GPS Tracking vs. Active GPS Tracking

A goods tracking system is integral to the sound functioning of every distribution company that hopes to remain market competitive, maintain an efficient workforce, reduce cost per delivery, sustain a healthy manager-employee relationship for its mobile workforce, and insure a goods delivery quality assurance to its clients and customers. Track with GPS A GPS tracking… Read more »

The Transystem G-Log 760 – Perfect for Tracking your Distributors

Unless distribution and delivery firms integrate a sound passive GPS tracking system, they will not be able to retain their market competitiveness for long. Passive GPS Tracking System in Brief A cloud based passive GPS tracking system allows distribution and delivery companies a cost-effective method of tracking their jobs without the need for costly monthly… Read more »

How to Motivate Your Field Workers and Boost Team Morale

Field workers lose work morale easily, and for good reason. Their job is one of the most detached ones in the market. While the latest passive GPS tracking systems may allow the possibility of easily managing field workers, you still are left with the job of keeping your field workers motivated and hence boost team… Read more »

Are You Making These Five Mistakes When Managing Your People In The Field?

By nature, fieldwork questions the normal paradigm of human resource management. This causes managers to make mistakes that significantly harm the business interest of their company. Field Worker Management – The Problem in Brief As a manager, you are required to keep track of key performance metrics and strategic goals by collecting and analysing data,… Read more »