The Transystem G-Log 760 – Perfect for Tracking your Distributors

Unless distribution and delivery firms integrate a sound passive GPS tracking system, they will not be able to retain their market competitiveness for long.

Passive GPS Tracking System in Brief

A cloud based passive GPS tracking system allows distribution and delivery companies a cost-effective method of tracking their jobs without the need for costly monthly finances for running or maintaining the system.

The tracking system comprises of a passive GPS device connected to a data logger. The GPS device continuously monitors the location, velocity, time, and date of the device and transfers it to the data logger.

The information stored in the data logger is then uploaded to a secure cloud network using the ManageMy GPS TrackShare software. The software allows easy transfer of GPS data from the data logger to the ManageMy GPS website where it can be overlayed as tracks on custom maps and shared with customers. The uploaded data can also be used and shared by authorized personnel (such as managers) to generate employee relevant KPIs and other route optimizations.

Introducing the TSI G760

ManageMy GPS has partnered with leading Data Logger manufacturer Transystem to provide a GPS tracking solution built specifically for business. Matched with ManageMy GPS software, the Transystem G-Log 760 lets businesses monitor the performance of staff in the field at a fraction of the cost of real time tracking.


TSI G760 Features – Fact Sheet

Technical Features Practical Takeaways for Distribution/Delivery Firms
General Features
MTK chip It means that the complete GPS system is self-contained (on a single chip) and requires no additional components to be added for its optimum functioning.
Datum — WGS 84 It is the latest coordinate system for global positioning systems and offers an error radius of less than 2 cm in any direction. Hence, the data collected will be extremely accurate.
Antenna — Built-in patch antenna with LNA The low-noise-filter (LNA) amplifies weak signals and hence increases the effectiveness of the device in remote regions as well.
Assisted GPS   <15sec This means that the GPS system does not completely rely on signals from satellites but also relies on nearby local networks to locate its position.As a result, the GPS device is able to locate the position faster, can cross reference with more data, and hence locate the position with greater accuracy.
Channels — 66 CH for tracking It’s like having a radio with 66 channels transmitting the same information from different sources and automatically selects the channel with the highest quality.This reduces interference with other electromagnetic waves by selecting the least congested channel in the vicinity.
Battery — Li-ion A lithium-ion battery significantly reduces the size and net weight of the device.The G760 has a dimension of (82W x 52L x 19H) mm and weighs less than 80 grams.
Charging time —3hrs (Typical)Operation Time            — 25hrs The reduced charging time and extended battery means that the idle time for any device (and hence the employee) is negligible.
Power Charge  — USB port Type A The Type A power connector prevents employees from accidently connecting the device to any other USB connector (such as their PC).
Data Log
Memory — 8MBUp to 250,000 way points


This means that the information stored on the data logger does not need to be uploaded on ManageMyGPS’s server on a daily basis. Hence a significant reduction in logistics.
Log GPS data by push button The push-button feature reduces the time required for training employees in the use of their tracking devices. The data can be uploaded on the cloud network with a single touch.
Log GPS data by time interval/distance/speed limit Since the G760 logs time/distance/speed limit, the reports generated using ManageMyGPS can be used to optimize different routes (knowing the best times of the day when the route allowed for greatest speed limit, etc)
Operating— (-10°C to +60°C)Storage — (-20°C to +60°C)

Charging  — (-10°C to +45°C)

Relative Humidity — (5% to 95% non-condensing)

Waterproof — IPX3

Crushproof — 1.5 meters high free fall

The GPS system (device+ data logger) can easily operate under extreme conditions and is capable of withstanding damage due to occasional slips.
Accuracy and Dynamics
Position            Without aid: 3.0m 2D-RMS(DGPS: 2.5m, 2D-RMS)

Velocity            Without aid: 0.1m/s

(DGPS: 0.05m/s)

Altitude — <18,000m

Velocity — <515m/sec

Acceleration — 4G

The G760 displays high accuracy in locating and storing altitude as well as horizontal position of the device along with minor velocity changes.
Sensor — Vibration sensorPower Button — Power On/Off, Battery check

POI Button — Point of Interest

Vibrator  — To confirm the press of POI button

The sensor increases the directional awareness of the device hence sharp turns and bumpy terrains can also be recorded.The POI allows managers to download optimized routes and can easily know if the employees significantly deviate from the assigned routes.


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