Three keys to improving profitability in your field business

3 keys

Profitability comes down to a one important ratio – money in versus money out.

If you’re running a business involving workers in the field – whether it be delivery, security, sales representatives, dog walking or door-to-door surveys, you need to minimise costs and maximise outputs so you can maximise income and therefore profits.

1.     Get better information on the performance of on your field workers

You need to know how your field workers are performing; are they stopping for 15 minutes out of each hour? Are they using the most efficient routes to get around? Are they going to all the premises they are paid to go to (and all the premises you need them to meet your targets or serve your customers)?

2.     Maximise outputs

To maximise outputs:

  • Know your workers are going where they are meant to be going, when they are meant to be going there
  • Use that data to either differentiate yourself against competitors and gain more clients, or improve the productivity of your staff in the field, and therefore the performance of your business

3.     Minimise administration

This is where the ‘money out’ component really kicks in. You need to minimise administration costs to maximise profitability. For most businesses, human resources (i.e. staff time) is the biggest cost. You need an affordable, integrated system for tracking all your field work, tracking their performance, tracking your field productivity. If your business is client-based, this administration system will be key to billing your clients – and the more streamlined your billing system, the quicker you get paid. If your business is sales or performance-based, you need to minimise overheads to maximise profit, but you need to do it in a way that is affordable, easy and integrated.

ManageMy GPS

ManageMy GPS offers an easy, affordable and integrated system for tracking the movement and therefore performance of your field workers using passive GPS tracking. It features an integrated administration system for billing clients or allocating performance data to particular staff or business units. It can bring true accountability, streamlined administration and better performance and profitability to your business.


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