Viewing Jobs

Clients can view both Active or Archived Jobs.

Active Jobs

Active Jobs are jobs that haven’t yet been Archived. This can include Booking Requests (finished and unfinished), Scheduled Jobs and Completed Jobs.

To view Active Jobs:

Click on My Jobs in the navigation bar to view jobs booked by you.

Client dash - job nav bar

Click on Company Jobs in the navigation bar to view all company jobs booked.

Client Nav bar - company jobs

Viewing information on the Job List

You can view a range of information on Active Jobs on the Job List


From the job list Clients can complete Unfinished Booking Requests. Click on the Job Name and complete the booking process.

Job being created icon

Clients can view the details of pending Booking Requests

booking request icon

Scheduled Jobs will appear as Not Started in the Actual Dates section


Completed Jobs will have a data range next to Actual Dates


Viewing Jobs from the Client Job Page

The Client Job page includes information on:

The status of the job, the start and finish dates and the person who booked the job


Stock items and delivery instructions


Job Locations


Job Maps

view map icon

Archived Jobs

Jobs are Archived by distribution companies when they are completed.

Archived Jobs will appear with an icon next to the Job Name

archived job icon

To view Archived Jobs:

Click on the Job Archive in the navigation bar

Client Nav bar - archived jobs

Archived jobs can be viewed on the Archived Jobs List

You can search for Archived Jobs by using the search bar in the Archived Jobs List:


Or by using  the Advanced Search - Click Options

Archive search options

Use the filters to target your search for an single Archived Job or a range of Archived Jobs.