Step 4 – Set up Clients

Clients are the businesses and individuals you do business with. For internal use, these may be the departments within your organisation.

You need to create at least 1 client before you can create jobs.

To Add a Client:

Click Clients in the navigation menu of the left of the dash.

Getting started - add clients nav bar

Click Add New

Getting started - add clients

Add the Client company name, add them to a Group (if you have more than one) and click Save


Optional – Add Client Users:

You will now need to add Client Users. Client users provide 2 benefits:

  1. Your client users have the option of logging in – once logged in they may book jobs by themselves & view the entire backlog of jobs linked to them.
  2. You may specify a client user as a contact. Contacts will automatically be notified when you mark their job as complete.

To add a client user, click Add New under the Users section:


Give the Client a User Name and add their first & last names


Add the Clients email address, contact phone number and assign a password


Click Create User and the new Client User will be saved*


*If the “send password to user” box is ticked the password and User Name will be emailed to the client.


Optional – Add Notes to the Client User:

Once a Client is created you can add notes to their profile.

Click on the yellow icon in the right hand side of the Client List


Click Add New


Add the note text information about the Client


Click Save to keep or Cancel


Just one last step and then you can get started!