Step 1 – Set Company Profile

While your company details should have been filled in when you registered with ManageMy GPS, there are a couple of thing you need to check before you get started.

Go to the navigation menu on the left of your dash and click on Manage Account

Check company profile - Manage settings Nav Bar

Check your company name and contact details.


The country and region in which you are located. (Regions will be automatically appear in the drop down list when a country is selected)


Choose your preferred Location and Map Boundary setting.

Postcode and Postcode Areas will appear when data sets for the selected country are available.


Place names and custom maps will appear as default in countries where postcode maps and data sets are not available.


Make sure the correct Time Zone and locale are selected


Tick to select miles instead of km. If you have a job with multiple clients you can also choose to hide the name of a job from individual clients.

Manage settings - miles and hide job name

Upload your company logo by clicking on the Choose File button  and double clicking on the selected file (Logos in PNG file format work best).


To save your company profile click Save Profile


Ok what next?