Recording Tracks with your Logger

Any GPS data logger that can create a GPX file will work with the ManageMy GPS/Post/Tracks, however for the best experience you should use a logger that works best with our TrackShare. TrackShare makes it as simple as one button click to upload your recorded tracks. It’s even possible to configure TrackShare to upload your tracks automatically after plugging in. [p2p type="slug" value="supported-gps-devices"](Show me brands that work with TrackShare)[/p2p]

Every GPS logger is different, and some may contain additional features not discussed in these help pages. However, the basic procedure of recording a track is always much the same:

  1. Charge the unit
    Many modern loggers have batteries that can last for tens of hours between charges, though we always recommend you head out with a fully charged battery where possible.
  2. Switch it on to Log wait until it starting receiving GPS signal (usually a couple of minutes if this is your first use, often only a few seconds for subsequent uses).
    Usually indicated by a flashing LED on the device. Check your user manual to make sure.
  3. Start walking/riding/driving/moving
  4. Once you have finished tracking, turn the unit off go back to your PC and connect the device using a USB cable. Note: some units require the device to be switched on for TrackShare to communicate with it.
    (See using Uploading Tracks.)