Job Maps

Administrators, Supervisors and Clients can create job maps.

When a Job is finished and the GPS tracks have been loaded to a job, Company Users and Clients will see the GPS tracks overlaid over the job map and will be able to see where the worker have been.

Job maps are not mandatory, but they provide a few benefits:

  • They provide your workers with a map of the work area
  • Once the tracks are loaded they make it easier to see where the workers have been
  • They’re a great way to demonstrate to your client that you’ve completed the work they asked for.

At the least, we recommend you include at least a rough map with your job.

Users can create two types of maps. 1 - Custom Maps and 2 - Boundary Maps.

  1. Custom maps are maps created using the map drawing tools.
  2. Boundary maps are pre-drawn boundaries from our database. At present we only have boundaries for postal code areas in certain countries (US, UK, AU) but we’ll be adding more over time.(Note: Postcode Boundary Areas cannot be edited)
    Let us know what pre-defined boundaries would be useful to you. If we get enough interest we’ll be sure to add it.

The job map is typically created during the Job Wizard…


… but can also be edited or created for any active job (not marked complete or archived) by clicking the edit map icon.

edit map icon

1 – Custom Job Maps

Select Custom in the Map Toolbar. Use the Search box to enter a place name or postcode nearest to your job area and press the Enter key.


To begin drawing a Custom Map click New in the Tool Bar.


Once drawing mode is enabled, the mouse cursor should become Crosshairs when moved over the map.

Click on the map in each location you wish to place a corner.


To complete the map, connect the line back to start point and click on the white box


A finished Custom Delivery Area should look like this


You can add multiple Delivery Locations by clicking on New and drawing additional areas.

Editing Custom Maps

To unlock Custom Maps for editing, click on a polygon/shape you wish to modify


A dialogue box will appear. Click Edit or Delete


The Delivery Area will now be unlocked for editing. Click and drag the white boxes to make changes.


When you have finished editing click on the Delivery Area to lock the edit.

Loading Maps from other Jobs

The Load function allows you to load Delivery Areas from other Jobs onto Custom Maps.

You can Load Delivery Areas from other Jobs on a clear map, or add them to Areas already on a Job Map.

To Load Delivery Areas:

Click Load on the Tool Bar.


Enter at least the first three letters of a Job Name


Select the Job you want to load Delivery Areas from and click Add

Deleting Delivery Areas

Delete individual Delivery Areas by clicking on the Area and clicking Delete


Click Clear in the Tool Bar to delete all Delivery Locations from the map.


2 – Boundary Maps

Boundaries are linked to job locations. When creating a job, make sure you select the locations that correspond to the boundaries you want. You should also be using postal codes for your searches (rather than place names).


On the map editing screen select the layer you wish to use – eg for Australia this is Postcode Areas (POAs), for US this is Zip Codes (ZCTAs):


Boundaries will automatically be loaded for the selected Postcodes:


Boundaries can be turned on and off by clicking on the boxes next to the boundaries in the Map Toolbox


In the UK, three levels of postcode boundaries are available – Area, Sector and District.

Select the appropriate boundary set from the dropdown to display Districts and Sectors associated with the Job Locations you have selected.


Sharing Job Maps

You can share a Job Map with staff and clients by clicking on the Email Map link on the Job Page.

email map icon

This will generate an email with a map link embedded. Add an email address and any message text you would like to include and click Send


Map links are also emailed to Clients when a Job is completed.

Click on the Complete Job button on the bottom of the Job Page and an email will be sent to the Client with a link to the completed Job Map with GPS tracks overlaid.