Job Details Report

Detailed Job Reports provide detailed information on a particular job:

  • Scheduled and actual start and finish dates
  • Delivery Areas
  • Client and stock information
  • Distributor performance information

The report will only have content if tracks have been loaded to the Job.

Link the above dot points to image of the Detail Job Report

Job Overview reports can be accessed from three locations:

  1. The Job List
  2. The Job Page
  3. The Reports Page

Creating Detailed Job Reports from the Job List

Click Jobs in the navigation bar

Client Nav bar - company jobs

Search for the relevant Job and click on the Detailed Job Report icon on the right hand side of the Job List (note: only completed jobs will show the report icon).

detailed job report icon

Detailed Reports from the Job Page

1. Select the Job you want in the Job List and click on the title.


2. Click on the Detailed Job Report icon on right of page to generate a Report.

report icon

Detailed Job Reports from the Report Page:

Select ‘Reports’ from the navigation bar.

report nV BAR

Click on the Detailed Job Report button.

select detailed job report

Select from the relevant client, date and job filters.

detailed job report select

Choose to view reports on screen or download by clicking the icon.

view report icons