A simple dashboard

A simple to use dashboard tailored to the user provides easy access to work KPI’s and job management tools. In an instant businesses can see how many current jobs are in play, work scheduled to begin and key historical work data in easy to read graphs. The point and click layout of the dashboard makes ManageMy GPS intuitive and simple to understand.

Easy to use Job Wizard

The Job Wizard allows users to start a new job, allocate staff, set work boundaries and create custom maps in a number of easy to follow steps. Save regular jobs as ‘favourites’ and use them as templates to create work projects in seconds.

In the cloud

Create work projects, load GPS tracks for instant viewing, generate reports and share maps whether you are in the office or in the field. Manage access to information through a range of users, such as administrators, supervisors, workers and customers.

TrackShare software

One-click TrackShare software will extract GPS data gathered by your workers in the field directly from Data Loggers to the cloud for instant viewing and allocation to client jobs. This data can also be backed up to a PC.

Create maps and view tracks

Produce work maps using custom drawing tools, postcode map sets*, or by loading work boundaries from previous work projects. View GPS tracks individually or grouped on a work map. Customers can login to view their work maps online or share map links via email.

*Postcode map sets are currently available for Australia, UK & USA.


Generate customised job, time sheet and hardware audit reports in seconds. View historical data on jobs, staff performance and GPS hardware. Display on screen or print.